In order to produce fuel for the Allied forces, our refinery worked around the clock during the war. Our economy boomed. We display statistics about the oil production, and we also show you the process of expansion during the war.

Another wartime phenomenon was the so-called ‘transfer of company seats’ of Dutch and Indonesian companies to Curaçao to avoid that they would fall into enemy hands: it was the birth of our off-shore sector. We managed to get a publication of one of these companies from the last year of the war. Come read part of it.

The economic growth during the war years gave us more confidence in ourselves, which in turn stimulated the call for more autonomy within the Kingdom. We will let you hear the renowned speech by Queen Wilhelmina in which she says the famous words which inspired this movement: ‘Steunend op eigen kracht, doch met de wil elkander bij te staan’ (Counting on our own strength, but with the will to support each other).

Visits by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard show the strategic value of our island during the war.